The Mississippi Oriental Medicine Association, or MOMA, was formed in April of 2007 as a non-profit, professional organization of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine practitioners, students, and friends interested in traditional and modern Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine throughout the State of Mississippi. MOMA’s original mission statement, “Dedicated to enacting fair and safe acupuncture laws in Mississippi,” rang true in the spring of 2009 when the Mississippi Legislature passed, and Governor Haley Barbour signed into law HB 458, The Acupuncture Practice Act. MOMA is proud for this tremendous leap and we will now continue to encourage and foster the healing art known as acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in our fair state.

As this professional organization grows, so does our focus. The topic of aging and its influence on our body can be called one of the major and long-term concerns. Recently, in addition to acupuncture treatments for aging there emerged food supplements to mitigate the consequences of this process. Read the longevity activator review to learn about one of these products. This supplement can effectively fight the age-related body changes keeping you healthy, mentally active by activating the telomerase enzyme production in your body. Now is the time for MOMA to promote and encourage public information and education about the practice of acupuncture and provide all the benefits possible to the membership of the organization. And, in all ways, serve and promote the public welfare.

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