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The City of Northwood is located in the Northwood Township of Grand Forks County in the northeastern part of North Dakota. Northwood is 35 miles southwest of Grand Forks and 20 miles southwest of Grand Forks Air Force Base.







City Profile

The fertile soil found in and around the city has made it an attractive farming area. The production of raw agricultural products on the rich farmland make the City of Northwood an important service provider of western Grand Forks County, the eastern fourth of Nelson County, and the northern fourth of Steele and Traill Counties.

Northwood has been recognized as a Tree City USA community for 25 consecutive years.

Northwood has made great strides in the recovery from the devastating EF-4 tornado that left its path of destruction on August 26, 2007.

Why is Northwood the place for you?

A Citizen Committee was invited to assist in the development of the Northwood Master Plan. The committee consisted of members of both the public and private sectors, and was diverse with respect to age, gender, and socio-economic status. The Committee worked together in strategic planning by identifying the following strengths of the community.

Quality of Life Issues

People, friendliness, way of life, small town atmosphere, openness to new ideas, willingness to volunteer, caring attitude, family values, churches.

Health and Safety Issues

Hospital, Nursing Home, Clinic, health care, staff, low crime rate, safe environment

Schools and Education

High Quality of Schools, good education system, one of the nations 100 best schools in 2000


Attractive housing, affordable housing, clean environment, trees, appearance and pride of housing and community

Business and Economy

Wide variety of businesses, strong agricultural base with grain elevator and commodity processing facilities, airport , central business district with many employment opportunities

City and Government Services

Fire District, Ambulance, City leadership, City crew, Municipal Electric, Municipal Water and Sewer, Municipal Garbage Systems

Parks and Recreation

9 hole golf course, parks, recreation opportunities, pool


We have so much to offer!

Clinic, Hospital, and Nursing Home, K-12 School,

Financial Institutions, Churches, Lumberyard, Grocery Store, Pharmacy, Construction and Remodeling,

Flower & Gift Shop, Beauty Salon, Barber Shop, Alteration Shop, Communication & Security Equipment, Accounting & Tax Preparation Service, Law Offices, Fitness Center, Electrical and Plumbing & Heating Contractors, Eating and Drinking Establishments, Insurance Offices, Gas & Service Stations, Car Wash, Laundromat, Motel, Newspaper, Soil Lab and Research, Heating Oil Companies, Auto Parts Store, Auto Body, Chevrolet Sales and Service, Grain Elevator, Ag Processing Facilities, Implement Dealerships, Snowmobile & Marine Dealership, Funeral Home, Trucking, Sand& Gravel Company, City Library,

Licensed Daycare Providers, 9-Hole Golf Course, Municipal Electric, Water, Sewer & Garbage,

Full time Police Department, Volunteer Fire Department, Large Park with Outdoor Swimming Pool & Ice Rink,

Playground, Baseball /Softball Diamonds, Picnic Shelters and Self-Guided Tree Identification Tour



Contact Information

Contact Jeremiah Black, City Administrator

today to find out more about our great community

Postal address
PO Box 397  Northwood ND 58267-0397
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General Information: [email protected]
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